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20 January 2020 – Vlog247 is offering a mesmerizing long look at santa monica pier and its surroundings with no commentary in a single cohesive video.

When it comes to YouTube videos, many people could really make do without the meaningless and downright stupid commentaries that most YouTube creators are making all the time while filming. Especially when it comes to sights seeing. After all, most people are largely interested in looking at the place and viewing it in all of its glory in great detail. But they do not want to hear all the inappropriate comments from behind the camera.

Vlog247 is ready and willing to provide you with a long and quite thoughtful view of Santa Monica pier and that will allow you to watch the sunset there. It is a majestic as well as genuinely picturesque view that is worthy of seeing in all the right ways. The author is not going to bother you with some stupid commentary and jokes that fall flat – he will just give you the opportunity to explore the sunset – simple as that. If you are looking for the most interesting as well as genuinely exquisite look at the Santa Monica pier devoid of all the stupid comments, then you are at the right place and you will definitely get the most from the experience. Furthermore, you can go straight ahead and check out all the other similar videos that are just as readily available there for you on the channel. They are all just as thought-provoking as well as incredibly mesmerizing, so you are going to get the best views from the most picturesque locations. Go ahead and feel free to check this one out, like and subscribe and leave some comments maybe in order to help the channel grow in providing you with the same quality content.

The channel is a relatively new one and with a small audience but it is in your power to help it grow and to make it work the way it should as well as within the very least amount of time possible. After all, one way or the other, you deserve it!

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Vlog247 delivers the best Santa Monica pier views out there. Discover the most majestic sights and you will definitely keep on coming back for more. The channel is young but already has a lot going on for it worth looking at.


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