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10 April 2019 - Rustebakke Veterinary Service proposes great offerings for pet owners. If you are seeking for a reliable veterinary service, then Rustebakke Veterinary Service is surely the best choice to suit your needs. Explore more the Rustebakke Veterinary company here.


The website of Rustebakke Veterinary Service offers an amazing range of service for every pet. If you are wondering to find out more information about the Rustebakke Veterinary Service, then do not hesitate to checkout the official website.


Why should you consider this particular centre? More than 25 years in their veterinary clinic in Moscow, Lewison, Pullman and other locations, are carried out the reception of animals. They operate, instill, restore and save lives. The 24-hour clinic is ready for urgent operations even at night. The following services are provided to clients: Ultrasound - the main diagnostic method. Due to its high information content, it can be used for early diagnosis of diseases when clinical manifestations are still absent. Department of Veterinary Clinic Therapy - specialists accept patients in a “live queue” or by appointment. Emergency patients are accepted out of turn and without an appointment. Veterinary dentist - narrow specialist of our veterinary clinic. In order to get to his appointment, an advance appointment is required. Availability of a wide range of diagnostic examinations. Doctors of the Center for Veterinary Medicine can reveal the maximum number of animal diseases. Cardiology. Heart diseases are often invisible to pet owners. Timely visit to a cardiologist allows you to save the life of a pet. X-ray Modern professional equipment of the veterinary clinic makes it possible to perform x-rays of any patient. The latest specialized equipment of the veterinary clinic provides an opportunity to provide a full dermatological reception 24 hours and perform the necessary examinations and procedures. It should be noted that some skin diseases can be transmitted from cats and dogs to humans. It is a mistake to suppose that if dermatological diseases do not pose an immediate danger to the life of a pet, then a visit to a specialist can be postponed.


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Rustebakke Veterinary Service is a very known veterinary service having clinics worldwide. If you are wondering to forget about your pets’ pains, then you could surely take a look on what their website provides as info. You will never regret to have chosen the Rustebakke Veterinary services.



Company Name: Rustebakke Veterinary Service
David Rustebakke, DVM
705 15th Street, ​Clarkston, WA 99403